RVH Emergency Dept. Booking Times For Minor Injuries Extended To Weekends

Photo courtesy of RVH

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) is expanding its pilot Emergency Department (ED) booking system for minor limb injuries. Effective immediately the public can now book a same-day or next-day arrival time in the ED seven days a week.

The intent of the pilot project, which launched June 1, is to decrease overall wait times for patients and prevent ED overcrowding at the busiest times. Six registration arrival slots – 9, 9:15, 9:30, 9:45, 10 and 10:15 a.m. – are now available daily for patients with minor ailments such as a sprain, strain, or potential simple fracture to an arm or leg.

Since opening the booking portal, RVH has seen 68 patients, averaging about two to four patients a day.

“It made sense to expand our hours to include weekends,” says Sharon Ramagnano, RVH Operations Director,

Emergency, Critical Care & Trauma. “Many of these types of injuries happen on the weekend and it’s more convenient for patients.”

The booking link can be found on the RVH website (rvh.on.ca) under Emergency Department.

The Ontario government and Ontario Health launched Health Connect Ontario that allows Ontarians to call (8-1-1) or chat online (Health811.ontario.ca) with a registered nurse.

If your concern is less urgent, please call 8-1-1, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; consider a local walk-in clinic; or contact your primary care provider.


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