Plaques To Identify Historic Homes In Muskoka


The Muskoka Lakes Museum has begun a three-year search for historic homes in the Township of Muskoka Lakes.

“The hunt for homes built before 1935 in our Township has begun well,” said the project’s leader Susan Daglish. “We have successfully completed the first phase in Port Carling and have identified 10 homes which meet our criteria. The Township has a rich history, and it is exciting to share and acknowledge its beginnings”

Courtney Provan, the Museum Director added, “If you live in the Township and your home was built before 1935, your home may be a candidate for our Plaque Project. If you think your house qualifies, contact me at the Museum.”

The first plaque will be presented at 85 Joseph Street, Port Carling, August 19 at 4:30 p.m. The Township Council, Heritage Committee, Muskoka Lakes Museum Board, Architectural Conservancy of Ontario and the other plaque recipients are invited.

The plaques are made of street sign quality material and will withstand the weather. They bear three pieces of information: the date built, the name of the first occupant and the occupant’s occupation. The plaques are designed to be mounted on the home itself with two rust-proof screws and will be visible from the sidewalk.

Provan explains that the Museum receives many enquires from people tracing their ancestors and the verification of where the early settlers lived and worked will help these seekers. The information gathered will also be made available to the Muskoka Lakes Library.

The Muskoka Lakes Township and the Township’s Heritage/Affordable Housing Committee are supporting this endeavour. Phase two of the project will see plaques in all communities within the township.

To inquire about the project, contact the Museum call at 705-765-5367 or email at



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