100 Dogs Desperately Searching For Homes In Ontario

Bahama, a young beagle mix, is just one of the 100 dogs at Redemption Paws looking for a home. (CNW Group/Redemption Paws)

Redemption Paws continues to put one paw in front of the other in hopes of finding homes for their 100 adoptable dogs. These dogs (currently located in Ontario) are from Texas shelters, where they were facing euthanasia due to overcrowding at already over-burdened shelters. “I think everyone thought that the dog boom of COVID cured the pet overpopulation problem, but in reality it just made things worse,” said CEO Nicole Simone. “While we haven’t seen a steep increase in returned dogs, we have seen a nearly 70% drop in adoptions since this time last year”.

From couch potatoes to athletes, there is a wide variety of dogs of all ages and sizes looking for adoptive homes! “One of the sad things we’ve seen is dogs that are being passed over for lacking curb appeal, like Cypress Hills, a seven year old hound mix. Once a dog has been in rescue for more than a couple weeks people assume there is something wrong with the dog, and the dog doesn’t get any applications. It’s sad,” remarked Simone.

“With summer travel plans and an economic recession looming, people aren’t thinking about the animals anymore. Freedom feels pending. This is a pattern animal rescue is seeing across the world.” Redemption Paws is getting pleas from shelters everyday, most of the staff are in tears. They are having to euthanize on an almost daily basis, claiming it’s worse than the 2008 recession. “It really feels like trying to empty the ocean with a spoon while being under a magnifying glass, but the adopters and fosters we get are really wonderful and remarkable. These people are truly saving dogs’ lives.” The organization that once adopted out nearly 130 dogs a month in 2021 is now down to 40 adoptions a month. Volunteer foster homes are harder to come by too. Texas shelters say that by the time one kennel is emptied, there are another four dogs waiting. There isn’t room. “We move with the tides, that’s all you can do. Our intent is to help as many dogs as ethically as possible, we keep helping but we need more people to get involved.” To learn more about Redemption Paws dogs visit redemptionpaws.org

Bahama, a current foster, (as seen in the photo attached) is a perfect example of a beautiful dog deserving a home who faced abuse and homelessness.


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