Young Farmers Help Tell Story Of Dairy’s Journey From Farm To Table In Innovative New Campaign

Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) today launched the latest iteration of its vibrant marketing campaign shining a light on sustainable and responsible modern farming practices. By demonstrating the important relationship between consumers and producers, Dairy Farmers of Tomorrow showcases the high standards under which Canadian milk is produced, as well as the industry’s sustainability initiatives and achievements.

“Dairy farmers are constantly adopting new technologies and new approaches to produce high-quality Canadian milk while upholding some of the highest standards in the world in areas like food safety, animal care and sustainability,” said Pierre Lampron, president of Dairy Farmers of Canada. “We are excited to feature the next generation of dairy leaders in our latest campaign, as they exemplify the kind of cutting-edge innovation and progress that is driving our sector towards a more sustainable future.”

The campaign pairs dedicated young farmers with engaging young chefs. Together, they share a passion for sustainability and high standards, and are committed to honouring the place of local food on the table.

Starting the dairy journey at a place most people can identify with – their plates – Dairy Farmers of Tomorrow helps consumers see the hard work behind producing high-quality Canadian milk. Through playfully titled ‘Reverscipes,’ DFC chef ambassadors Eric Chong and Paul Toussaint take consumers from the finished meal back to the source of their quality ingredients – the farm – busting milk myths along the way.

At the heart of the campaign stands DFC’s Blue Cow logo, an iconic symbol recognized by nine out of 10 Canadians which represents the high standards that go into every drop of 100% Canadian milk.

“This unique, engaging campaign is helping to remind consumers of our farmers’ commitment to animal care, our continued progress in lowering carbon emissions, and the high standards of Canadian dairy farmers,” says Pamela Nalewajek, DFC’s vice-president of marketing. “We are excited to bring this creative new twist to agricultural awareness.”

The six-week-long, bilingual campaign begins September 14, with social and digital components (featuring online video, influencers, web and audio), will run through October 25 nationwide. The lead creative agency on this campaign was Angry Butterfly, with media buying by Initiative.

To view the campaign, click here.

SOURCE Dairy Farmers of Canada


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