Township Of Ramara Recognizes Community Members In Awards Ceremony

Left to right –Mayor Basil Clarke and Gail Seaward’s family who accepted the Spirit of Ramara award on her behalf.

Earlier this week, the Ramara Awards Committee, members of the Council, and the public recognized Elieen Cronk, Jane Ste. Marie and Gail Seaward for the Spirit of Ramara Award and Cliff Martin for Ontario’s Senior of the Year award.

“On behalf of the Council, staff and residents, I want to congratulate Cliff Martin, Elieen Cronk, Jane Ste. Marie and the family of Gail Seaward for their years of service and invaluable contributions to the Ramara community,” states Mayor Clarke. “This year’s recipients are the unsung heroes in our communities, programs and committees. They show exemplary leadership and invaluable contributions to the children, youth, adults and seniors of the Ramara community.

Thank you to the members of the Ramara Awards Committee for their hard work in planning and executing the presentations and refreshments for last night’s ceremony.”
The Spirit of Ramara Award recognizes and showcases community groups, organizations or
individuals who have contributed to the betterment of the Township of Ramara through
accomplishments or contributions that significantly enhance the quality of life and community spirit in Ramara. This year’s recipients are Elieen Cronk, Jane Ste. Marie and Gail Seaward. Eileen Cronk received the award for the dedication of her time and talents for 49 years to Ramona Hall and the Ramona Agricultural Society. During the pandemic, Eileen created the group called

“Twisted Stitchers,” who created masks free of charge for the Ramara community and Soldiers Memorial Hospital. Jane Ste. Marie received the award for her generosity and commitment to creating a safer, better community through various initiatives such as teaching Spanish and French classes at the Ramara Library during the pandemic, her contributions to the Brechin-Mara Legion Branch #488 through weekly events, programs and outings, and her support to many township initiatives, such as the Rooted in Ramara Seed Library.

Gail Seaward’s family received the award on Gail’s behalf, who passed away in November 2022. Gail was instrumental in building the Ramara Centre and children’s summer camps that still run today. She was a Friends of the Library member, Secretary and Board member of the North Mara Beach Association and assisted with the Uptergrove Elementary reading program.

The Ontario Senior of the Year Award honours an Ontarian who, after age 65, has enriched their community’s social, cultural or civic life. This year’s recipient is Cliff Martin, who has been an anchor to the township with his 51 years with the Udney Community Centre Board and commitment to Scouts Canada and the 4-H club. Cliff is a long-serving volunteer who has dedicated his time, skills and energy to events and programs within Ramara, including enriching the lives of children and youth.

Congratulations to all recipients! Learn more about how the Township of Ramara recognizes and honours the achievements and contributions of community members through the Ramara Awards, including criteria and submission requirements.

left to right – Councillor Tuju, Councillor Fisher, Deputy Mayor Bell, Ontario’s Senior of the Year recipient Cliff Martin, Mayor Basil Clarke, Councillor Snutch, Councillor Hetherington, Councillor Bell
Left to right – Mayor Basil Clarke, Spirit of Ramara award recipient Eileen Cronk, Deputy Mayor Bell
Left to right – Mayor Basil Clarke, Spirit of Ramara award recipient Jane Ste. Marie, Councillor Hetherington and Councillor Fisher.


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