“This Was Very Unexpected And Caught Me By Surprise,” Midland Resident Wins $75,000


Geraldine Gregson of Midland is $75,000 richer after winning with INSTANT GOLDEN DRAGON DELUXE.

Geraldine, a retiree, says this is her first major win and she plays a variety of lottery games every two or three weeks. “I went home to scratch my ticket and I saw I had all the numbers on the bottom and thought, ‘That can’t be right.'” she shared while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up her winnings. “I checked my ticket on the OLG app and it said I won. I thought I won $50, but my daughter said, ‘No, mom – you won $75,000!'”

She has yet to make plans for her windfall.

“This was very unexpected and caught me by surprise,” Geraldine concluded.

INSTANT GOLDEN DRAGON DELUXE is available for $3 and the top prize is $75,000. Odds of winning any prize are 1 in 3.82. Visit the INSTANT page on OLG.ca for more information on this and other great games.

The winning ticket was purchased at King’s Little General Convenience on King Street in Midland.

OLG supports safe play and wants to keep the fun in the game. That’s why OLG is proud to be a leader in promoting responsible gambling with our globally recognized PlaySmart program.


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