The Township Reminds Residents Of Its Canine Control Services


The Township of Ramara’s Bylaw Enforcement Department offers many canine programs and services to help govern and control dogs within the Township of Ramara.

Barking, dangerous or menacing dog complaints

The Bylaw Enforcement Department responds to complaints or calls regarding barking, biting or dangerous and menacing dogs. The complaints and situations received are taken very seriously and responded to within 1-2 business days. A resident can report an incident to our Bylaw Enforcement department by phone at 705-484-5374 ext. 292 or through the Report a Concern online form at

Dog Tag License Program

The Township requires that all Ramara residents licence their dogs, who are over the age of three months, annually through its Dog Tag program.With only three dogs allowed per household (excluding kennels), residents can apply online or in person for the tag(s) and securely fix it on the dogs until it needs to be renewed or replaced.

Lost and Found Pets

The Bylaw Enforcement Department responds to complaints or calls regarding stray dogs or dogs running at large within Ramara. The pets found are transported to our kennel located at 3290 County Road 47 in Brechin, where the Bylaw Enforcement team will attempt to contact the owner based on information presented on the dog, including a chip, dog tag, etc. If a homeowner is not found, staff will post lost and found dogs on the Township of Ramara Facebook page.When a homeowner is found, an impound fee and boarding fee are applicable to be paid.

Adoption On a rare occasion, when the homeowner is not found within fivebusiness days, the Township takes ownership of the dog under the authority of the Canine Control Bylaw and makes it available for adoption. Staff will communicate that a pet is available for adoption on all Township of Ramara social media pages, websites, etc., to find a new home for the dog.

At this time, the Township has three dogs available for adoption.

  • Meet Max – A fixed male, shepherd Collie Mix that is approximately three to four years old.
  • Meet Trigger – An intact male, chocolate lab that is approximately two to three years old.
  • Meet Daisy – A female, mixed breed that is approximately 1 year old.

To meet any of these three dogs, please email or call 705-484-5374 ext. 292 to schedule a meeting.

Other Information and Tips

  • Remember that it’s the law to leash your pet on public property. Leashed dogs are rarely hit by cars, attacked by wildlife or run off and get lost.
  • Visit our off-leash Dog Park in Brechin at 3227 Ramara Road 47.When visiting leash-free parks, be aware that other unleashed dogs are playing. You are entering the park at your own risk. Parents should supervise their children at all times.
  • Remember to sign up your pet for a rabies clinic in the fall. The Simcoe County District Health Unit – Remember that all dogs and cats over three months of age must be vaccinated against rabies. The Simcoe County District Health Unit (SMDHU) offers annual low-cost rabies clinics across Simcoe County. Visit the SMDHU’s website to learn more.


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