Stormwater Management Ponds Not For Recreational Use

Stormwater Management Pond - East of the Walmart Parking Lot

The Town of Bracebridge is warning residents to avoid stormwater management ponds, as these man-made bodies of water are unsafe for any form of recreational activity including skating, hockey and sledding. While the ice surface may look safe, these ponds can be dangerous because it’s what’s below the surface that makes them different from natural ponds.

Stormwater management ponds are engineered facilities that play an important role in protecting the environment and keeping neighbourhoods safe by:

  • collecting stormwater runoff including sediment, debris, road salt and pollutants;
  • provide treatment of pollutants to keep our watersheds healthy; and
  • alleviate flooding by storing and slowly releasing stormwater.

Stormwater management ponds that are designed to have a permanent pool of water are not monitored for ice thickness. Factors such as continuously flowing water, and fluctuating water levels and temperatures can lead to unstable ice. Recreational activity of any kind on stormwater management ponds is not recommended. There are currently nine (9) stormwater management ponds designed with a permanent pool throughout the Town, and most are not fenced off.

  1. On the north side of Clearbrook Trail (opposite Pheasant Run)
  2. At the end of Colton Court
  3. Between #14 and #24 Hunter Place
  4. On the east side of Chamberry Crescent (under construction)
  5. At #110 Clearbrook Trail (behind the Bracebridge Sportsplex)
  6. Behind #15 Little Ryan’s Way
  7. East of the Walmart Parking Lot
  8. South-east corner of Manitoba Street and Quinn Forest Drive
  9. Behind #192 Covered Bridge Trail

Residents are encouraged to be active and enjoy nature by using Town parks and trails safely while following public health guidelines. Outdoor skating is available at Annie Williams Memorial Park (Skating Rink) and Memorial Park (Skating Trail). Currently, both the outdoor skating rink and trail are closed for maintenance. Please continue to visit the Town’s Facebook and Twitter pages for outdoor skating rink and trail updates.

Please be safe. Stay off stormwater management ponds


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