Stay Clear, Stay Safe This Thanksgiving

Sir Adam Beck II Generating Station, Niagara Falls. (CNW Group/Ontario Power Generation Inc.)

Ensure you incorporate water safety in your long weekend fun

Ontario Power Generation wants to talk turkey about staying clear of hydro-electric facilities and maintaining strong water safety practices this Thanksgiving weekend, and always.

As you enjoy this holiday weekend, please ensure you are aware of potential dangers around hydro stations and dams. In these areas, water levels can rise in seconds, causing turbulence and potentially life-threatening situations. Dry or calm riverbeds may look safe but can change quickly into rapidly flowing waterways with dangerous currents. Please follow all signage and other barriers around OPG facilities.

For more information about water safety, please visit:

  • OPG operates 66 hydroelectric stations and 240 dams on 24 Ontario river systems.
  • Many of these facilities are remote controlled, meaning there’s no one there to warn you of imminently changing, potentially dangerous conditions.
  • Autumn can bring rain and frost, which can increase risk of slipping and falling.
  • This fall, above average rainfall amounts in eastern and northeastern Ontario have led to higher than normal water conditions. Ensure you know conditions, your surroundings and any potential risks.

“Whether you are taking in the fall colours or safely gathering with family this Thanksgiving, we ask you to ensure water safety is always part of the plan,” said Nicolle Butcher, OPG’s Senior Vice-President of Renewable Generation. “We tend to think of water safety as a summer issue, but it’s important to follow signage and stay clear of our facilities all year round.”


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