School Is Back And Bracebridge OPP Want Everyone To Share The Road


Bracebridge OPP would like to remind motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, now that the 2021 school year has begun, to be mindful when traveling on roadways.

Motorists should be aware that there is often a reduced speed limit and increased penalty for not adhering to the speed limit in school zones. Respecting school buses, when the flashing lights are activated and the stop arm is out, motorists are required to stop in both directions, with the exception of divided highways, and wait for the area to be clear and the school bus to continue.

Pedestrians are assisted at several busy intersections by crossing guards at pedestrian crossovers and crosswalks and motorists are reminded that they may not proceed until the pedestrian has crossed the entire way at those designated places.

Expect to see an increase of Bracebridge Officers in police cruisers and on foot during peak school hours across Muskoka.


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