Save South Muskoka Hospital: The Courage Of Leadership And Graciousness Of Support


By: Save South Muskoka Hospital

The Save South Muskoka Hospital Committee has been fervently advocating for months, pressing Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare to honour its commitment to build two acute care hospitals in Huntsville and Bracebridge, equipped with shared amenities and adequate beds. Regrettably, MAHC has disregarded both established protocols and common sense necessary for access to equitable healthcare across our region.

Despite our persistent efforts, MAHC has opted for an impractical hospital design for South Muskoka while neglecting significant input from our medical professionals. On Tuesday, July 02, defying all advice and appeals, the MAHC Board of Directors ignored their own submission deadlines, rejected further feedback, and voted to move the proposal to the next step of forming a submission to the Ministry of Health.

Save South Muskoka Hospital Committee is deeply dismayed by Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare’s blatant disregard for MAHC’s own guidelines in their most recent motion. This disregard overrides common sense and ignores suggestions from our citizens and, more importantly, our physicians.

Furthermore, MAHC’s attempt to suppress press coverage at their recent meeting, ejecting reporter Mark Clairmont from a near empty gallery for failing to register in time, is a clear affront to freedom of the press.

Such actions are unacceptable.

Despite these challenges, the Save South Muskoka Hospital Committee chooses not to dwell on negativity and misconduct. Instead, we wish to express our gratitude to the many individuals who have supported us in our efforts to address the improper actions of MAHC.
We are deeply grateful to all citizens who have displayed signs on their lawns and storefronts, donated to our cause, or written letters. We thank those who braved inclement weather to attend or participate in our rally as speakers, musicians, and organizers. It is this public demonstration that exemplifies the uniqueness of our communities and our country, Canada. Thanks to our veterans we can peacefully voice our concerns to our

Equally commendable is the courage shown by numerous doctors, nurses, and medical staff who – despite facing potential repercussions from MAHC, particularly in regard to the issue of physician censorship – have bravely spoken out. This is democracy in action.

Lastly, we cannot overstate our gratitude to the Honourable Graydon Smith, Member of the Ontario Legislature and Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, and to His Worship Mayor Rick Maloney of Bracebridge, for their resolute letters to MAHC expressing deep dissatisfaction with the Board’s conduct. Many others have supported our efforts to address the troubling actions of MAHC. These include countless town counselors, civil and political community leaders quietly and publicly advocating for sensible changes to our healthcare challenges. It is of the utmost importance to recognize the outstanding efforts of our citizens.

Please note this is not the end of our battle for greatly improved healthcare within Muskoka. Together we continue to fight the plainly disrespectful actions and willful disregard for any notion of fairness in a consultation process with stakeholders committed by Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare. The citizens of Muskoka both demand and deserve better from a board entrusted with delivering the vital public good that is healthcare.

Bruce C. Kruger, Chair
Save South Muskoka Hospital Committee


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