RVH Launches Vision For Healthcare In The Region

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) has released its new Strategic Plan 2024-2034 Vitally You, outlining the health centre’s vision for the future and the roadmap for how to get there.
Photo courtesy of Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) has released its new Strategic Plan 2024-2034 Vitally You, outlining the health centre’s vision for the future and the roadmap for how to get there. 

“We are thrilled to share Vitally You with our community because it is more than a strategic plan, it’s a declaration that world-class care belongs right here, at home. We named the plan Vitally You for several reasons, but, most importantly, it places the patient at the centre of our mission. It emphasizes the commitment to not only the physical health of patients, but also their overall well-being,” says Gail Hunt, RVH President and CEO. “It’s a promise to make the big moves needed to end hallway medicine, long waits, and long drives for care somewhere else. Vitally You sets our course for a future where compassionate, advanced care is a given and expected – not just a goal.”

RVH’s purpose is clear – Making life better, with the care you need, close to home.

 Our purpose is our why, our reason for being. It is the promise we make to those who count on us and is what each of us is determined to do, every day,” says Hunt. “The release of Vitally You comes at a crucial time as RVH advances its Expansion Plan to redevelop the Barrie Campus and build a new Innisfil Campus. This plan is necessary for RVH to continue providing the high-quality care that our communities deserve.”

Vitally You was developed based on valuable feedback from thousands of community members, partners, clients and, of course, Team RVH, during months of discussions and focus groups.

“As Chair of the RVH Board of Directors I’m excited about this next chapter. I’m especially proud to be involved with an organization such as RVH, with an extraordinary legacy that continues to touch the lives of all families in the region,” says Jason Teal. “This new vision will be our roadmap for how RVH will continue to evolve as a regional academic health sciences centre; provide people in our region with more advanced and expansive specialized care closer to home and demonstrate how technology and partnerships can empower a seamless, connected health system that drives exceptional patient and family experiences.”

In addition, RVH has released Vitalsigns a digital annual report to the region. The stories in Vitalsigns highlight some of RVH’s many accomplishments that will help expand access to specialized care, to utilize advanced technology to give our patients the best possible outcomes, and to create a diverse and equitable workplace where all members of Team RVH thrive.

To view Vitally You – RVH’s Strategic Plan video, click the video player below or visit the website www.rvhvitallyyou.ca. To view Vitalsigns – RVH’s annual report, click here.


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