PizzaForno Offers Take-And-Bake And Hot-And-Ready Pizzas At Three Muskoka Locations

24/7 Pizzas: Muskoka's newest PizzaForno automatic pizzeria in Port Severn
Muskoka's newest PizzaForno automatic pizzeria in Port Severn. Photo courtesy of PizzaForno

PizzaForno’s automated pizzerias offer the opportunity to get artisanal pizzas ready in just three minutes at any time of day, and with a new location in Port Severn, Muskoka residents can try it at three locations in the region.

The Port Severn location has been serving customers since the grand opening on Aug. 2, making it Muskoka’s third machine alongside Port Carling and Honey Harbour. The machines are stocked with seven types of pizza, including classics varieties like Pepperoni, Hawaiian and Vegetarian as well as specialty options like Honey Goat Cheese and BBQ Chicken. All customers have to do is use the screen to make their selection, tap their card or phone to pay, and then wait for their pizza to emerge from the machine. 

“Whether you’re looking to bring home dinner for the family or need a quick snack on the way to the cottage, PizzaForno is a great, 24/7 gourmet food option,” said Jason Lowder, Chief Marketing Officer for PizzaForno. “Customers also have the option to take-and-bake at home, in addition to our fast-bake option.”

For those who choose the take-and-bake option, it’s as simple as removing the pizza from the box, baking it at 430 degrees for two to three minutes, and finishing it under the broiler for another minute or two. With the fast-bake option, pizzas come out hot and ready to eat in just three minutes.

Roni Carli, who owns and operates the Port Severn General Store, decided to partner with PizzaForno as a way to offer convenient and great-tasting food around the clock. Since the pizzas are hand-stretched and prepared off-site, it gives her the chance to offer quality food without working extra hours.

24/7 pizzas: Port Severn General Store owner Roni Carli (right) with members of the Baxter Ward Lions Club at the new machine
Port Severn General Store owner Roni Carli (right) with members of the Baxter Ward Lions Club. Photo courtesy of PizzaForno

“I feel it’s important to be able to offer hot food conveniently, especially after hours,” Carli said. “We don’t have late fast food restaurants within a 20-kilometre area.”

The store is located in a high tourism area near Lock 45 on the Trent-Severn Waterway, so they often get day trippers and resort guests at their location. Many people are still discovering the machine, but those who have tried it have been pleasantly surprised by how good pizza can be from a vending machine.

In addition to getting a great tasting meal, supporting the Port Severn location can also help support a local cause. One dollar from every pizza sold on Tuesdays until mid-December will be donated to the Baxter Ward Lions Club so they can host a Christmas celebration for local children.

Whether it’s a take-and-bake pie for a night free from food prep or a way to have a hot meal on the go, Carli urges locals to give PizzaForno a try. “The PizzaForno pizzas are always fresh, made with real ingredients, and their own recipe thin crust is beyond exceptional!”

Visit Muskoka’s newest location at the Port Severn General Store at 3274 Port Severn Road. To learn more about PizzaForno, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

This post is sponsored by PizzaForno.


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