PizzaForno Automated Pizzerias Offer Artisanal Pizza Ready In Minutes 24/7 In Honey Harbour And Port Carling

The PizzaForno machine at the Honey Harbour General Store.
The PizzaForno machine at the Honey Harbour General Store. Photo courtesy of PizzaForno

PizzaForno automated pizzerias have surprised Ontario residents with their quality and efficiency ever since they launched in Canada in 2018, and lucky for locals, they have the chance to try the artisanal pizzas right here in Muskoka.

Along with locations in Port Carling and Honey Harbour, PizzaForno is available in communities across Ontario, including nearby options like Oro-Medonte and Midland. They provide pizza that’s available 24/7 and ready in under three minutes. The machines offer eight varieties including classics like Pepperoni, Hawaiian and Vegetarian as well as specialty pizzas like Honey Chevre and BBQ Chicken. Their seasonal Summer Deluxe option with bacon, pepperoni, roasted red pepper, Portuguese sliced chorizo and more is available all summer long for $12.

“Whether you’re looking to bring home dinner for the family or need a quick snack on the way to the cottage, PizzaForno is a great, 24/7 gourmet food option,” PizzaForno President Les Tomlin said. 

“The quick and interactive process consists of choosing from several delicious varieties, tapping your card or phone, and getting your pizza in under three minutes. It’s a unique experience and our locations in Muskoka have gotten a lot of great feedback from our customers.”

Susan Ryan, owner of the gas station in Port Carling where the PizzaForno machine is located, first came into contact with the automated pizzerias while visiting downtown Toronto in 2019. She thought it would be a perfect addition to the shopping and other amenities at her property, so she reached out to PizzaForno and had the machine installed in May 2020. 

Since then, the response has been phenomenal.

“When we first bought it, there weren’t many at all in Ontario,” Ryan said. “That’s when COVID first started. People were driving for three hours just to see it.”

The PizzaForno machine in Port Carling
The PizzaForno machine in Port Carling. Photo courtesy of PizzaForno

The fact that it’s open 24/7 has been huge, Ryan said, since not much is open in the area after 8 or 9 p.m. Along with the hours of operation, customers have been blown away by the ease of use, the cleanliness and above all, the taste.

“They can’t get over the quality of the pizza,” Ryan said. “It’s delicious, they can’t get over it, and they love the fact that it’s always fresh, it’s never frozen. The ingredients are fresh and there’s good variety.”

They make a lot of sales from midnight to 5 a.m., she said, and the location in Honey Harbour has had similar success. Yong-Woong Lee, who owns and runs the Honey Harbour General Store, said residents are thankful to have the option for quick bite since the area lacks food delivery and other options.

“It’s efficient and just the convenience of having an option to eat late night [is great],” Lee said. “Especially for boaters, they’re very limited with their refrigeration and freezer, so they can’t really store too much food. They’re very grateful to have a pizza machine in Honey Harbour.”

Children and adults alike enjoy the pizza, he said, so he encourages people to stop by and give it a try, even if they’re skeptical about pizza from a machine.

“The quality is there, and once they try it once, they will return,” Lee said. “It’s consistent and it’s just a different experience for them to try. To be honest, in the area, it’s probably the best pizza around.”

Try out PizzaForno at 3658 Muskoka District Road 118 West in Port Carling and 2604 Honey Harbour Road in Honey Harbour. To learn more about PizzaForno, or to see their other locations, visit their website.

This post is sponsored by PizzaForno.



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