Orillia Fire Receives New Fire Boat Thanks To Grant From Firehouse Subs


A new rescue boat for the Orillia Fire Department was unveiled today thanks to grant funding received from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation of Canada.

The Fire Department received funding in the amount of $23,105.45 to purchase a 14 ft. rescue boat with an inflation kit, outboard motor and fuel tank.

“We are thankful to Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation of Canada and our local Firehouse Subs in Orillia for providing us with this invaluable funding,” said Mayor Steve Clarke. “This new rescue boat is a welcomed addition to the Fire Department’s fleet and will be a valuable piece of equipment in an emergency.”

The new rescue boat will replace an older, smaller model and become the primary vessel used for off-season water emergencies by the Orillia Fire Department.

“The new boat has the capabilities to be used in the water outside of the regular boating season and will play a critical role for river rescues and accessing areas such as Grape Island in an emergency,” said Orillia Fire Chief Michael Clark. “In an emergency, every second counts and having this new equipment on hand increases the Fire Department’s response capacity as we can hold more equipment and people during a rescue.”

The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation of Canada has awarded 279 grants to public safety organizations since 2015. This grant is one of 11 that the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation of Canada awarded to public safety organizations during the most recent grant cycle. The 11 grants will provide critical lifesaving equipment valued at more than $279,000 across Ontario.

“The things you do as a business do matter,” said Ravish Shah, local Firehouse Subs franchisee. “At Firehouse Subs Orillia, we are thankful for the opportunity we get to donate to this community. If you can help one person, you have achieved something in your life, not just as a business, but as a member of the community.”


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