New Beginner-Friendly Book On AI Risk And Safety Set For Release November 21

Darren McKee

Author Darren McKee is pleased to announce the upcoming release of his new book, Uncontrollable: The Threat of Artificial Superintelligence and the Race to Save the World, an accessible and actionable guide on AI risk and safety for beginners.

Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) has become the defining issue of our time, and its rapid unregulated development presents an extinction-level threat to humans.

Uncontrollable explores the power and peril of advanced AI using compelling analogies suitable for diverse audiences. The book serves as a call to arms, and provides a clear, comprehensive account of the current state of AI development, while inspiring action for a better future. Readers and concerned citizens can expect to receive actionable suggestions to personally contribute to the improvement of AI safety.

UNCONTROLLABLE_The Threat of Artificial Superintelligence and the Race to Save the World by Darren McKee

“This book is the culmination of years of detailed analysis on developments in AI,” said McKee. “There is a significant disconnect between the rapidly increasing capabilities of advanced AI systems and the public’s understanding of them. My objective with this book is to empower any and all citizens to take action to ensure safe AI systems are built, and that we all have a say in the type of future we want to build.”

McKee (MSc, MPA) is an author, speaker, and AI advisor. He has served as a senior policy advisor and policy analyst for over 15 years, and sits on the Board of Advisors for AIGS Canada, the leading safety and governance network in the country. McKee also hosts the international award-winning podcast, The Reality Check – a top 0.5% podcast on Listen Notes with over 4 million downloads.

Uncontrollable will be available for purchase on Amazon on November 21, 2023.


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