Muskoka Tourism Unveils New Strategic Direction, Appoints Val Hamilton As Executive Director


New strategy and leadership to make a significant shift for the organization, focused on
increasing destination marketing for Muskoka

Muskoka Tourism Marketing Agency shares a new 3-year Strategic Plan and welcomes a new Executive Director, as part of their 2023 plan to position Muskoka as the must-experience destination in the Province of Ontario.

Muskoka Tourism partnered with tourism consulting firm Floor13, to develop a 3-year
strategic plan, which included feedback from the Region’s tourism stakeholders. The 2023
Plan will foster collaboration with tourism stakeholders, introduce new media placement,
assemble market research and grow exposure for the region. Muskoka Tourism is
anticipated to drive four times more awareness marketing for Muskoka compared to 2019.
The 2023 Annual Plan was approved by the Muskoka Tourism Board of Directors on
December 21, 2022.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Val Hamilton to the
position of Executive Director, which was approved along with their Annual Plan. Val has
held the role of Interim Executive Director since July 2022 and was previously the Sr.
Marketing & Communications Manager for the Organization. Val has over 10 years of
marketing leadership experience for businesses that include Muskoka Brewery, Horseshoe
Resort, and Clevelands House Resort. She is currently a committee member of Safe Quiet
Lakes and a previous board member of Muskoka Tourism.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are thrilled Val has accepted the role. We received
interest from many great candidates but Val’s unwavering passion for Muskoka was
unmatched throughout the process. She has already made an enormous impact and we are
thrilled for the future of Muskoka Tourism under her leadership,” commented Kelly Haywood, Chair of Muskoka Tourism.

Muskoka Tourism has two new Board Members, Brenda Rhodes and Peter Johnston who
were appointed by District Council in December 2022.


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