Muskoka Tea Company Are Huntsville Women’s Soccer League Champions


Monday evening, at Conroy Park in Huntsville, the Huntsville Women’s Soccer League wrapped up their 2023 season in typical grand fashion. The many spectators in attendance were treated to great skill and determination as The Global Pet Foods Cup was on the line for these dedicated athletes.

Semi-final matches saw Muskoka Tea Company overwhelming Cottage Country Flowers, coming out on top, to the surprise of many, with a 3-0 victory. Across the pitch, Kim O’Grady Chestnut Park Real Estate took out The SportLab with a narrow hard fought victory by a final score of 2-1.

The match to determine the third place position was won by the Cottage Country Flowers group over The SportLab in a close affair, by a final tally of 2-0.

With the grand trophy up for grabs in the championship match, Muskoka Tea Company kicked off against a confident Kim O’Grady Chestnut Park Real Estate to determine the best of the best. Muskoka Tea Company continued their surprising run and came out victors by a 4-1 score to be crowned as champions for the inaugural season of play in the Huntsville Women’s Soccer League.

This year’s MVP’s, as voted by their peers, were Maryah Robinson-Jackson, Anne McNally, Paola Escobar, and Heather Gibbons.

Thank you to our many supporters for a tremendous 2023 season!


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