Muskoka Community Foundation Awards $30,000.00 To Gravenhurst Against Poverty


To support the new Young Adult Centre

The Muskoka Community Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded Gravenhurst Against Poverty with two grants totaling $30,000.00 to support the new Young Adult Centre. A $15,000.00 grant from the Muskoka Youth Mental Health and Wellness Fund and a $15,000.00 grant from Patricia’s Fund will be used to support young people in the Gravenhurst community through the creation of a young adult center.

Lynn DeCaro, Executive Director of the Muskoka Community Foundation noted that “the Muskoka Youth Mental Health and Wellness Fund was created to support programs that address youth mental health and wellness. Since 2020 the Fund has provided $28,000.00 in grants to The Door in Huntsville, MiND-AID and Muskoka Family Focus. Patricia’s Fund was created in late 2020 and has already provided grants to support literacy in South Muskoka and Trillium Lakelands District School Board’s Feed All Four Fund. The Muskoka Community Foundation is proud to administer these funds and see the positive impact they are having on young people in Muskoka”. DeCaro added “it is important to recognize that young people play a vital role in creating a healthy and vibrant Muskoka and we are excited to support youth in Gravenhurst through the young adult centre”.

Since 2017 Gravenhurst Against Poverty been working to identify the needs of the community that include food insecurity, housing, medical availability, transportation, and mental health supports. Gravenhurst Against Poverty’s Chair Bonnie Dart said “Through conversations with a number of our young people, it became evident how much they long for a meeting place of their own; a place where they have leadership in determining activities and programs that meet their needs; and a place where they have opportunities to develop in a safe and wholesome environment. Young people have asked, ‘Why can’t we have a place of our own to meet together? There is a Seniors Centre. Why can’t we have a space where we can be safe and warm indoors?’. Dart expressed her thanks by saying “The Muskoka Community Foundation grants of $30,000 provided by generous and caring donors have responded to these questions with sincere compassion and Gravenhurst Against Poverty is filled with gratitude. These funds instil certainty that real change is possible for the well-being of our young people”.

DeCaro wanted to thank the donors that have made these grants possible. “It is because of individuals like Elizabeth Booth, who hosts the annual Laquan fundraiser, our special anonymous donor, the monthly contributors and Patricia behind Patricia’s Fund, who understand the importance of supporting young people, that make it possible for the Muskoka Community Foundation to support such important initiatives.


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