Muskoka And Area Ontario Health Team Is Looking For Patients/Clients, Family Members And Caregivers Who Care About Local Health Care


The Muskoka and Area Ontario Health Team (MAOHT) is actively seeking community members to participate on the Patient Family Caregiver Partners Advisory Committee (PFCPAC).

Ontario is committed to a sustainable health care system centred around the needs of patients/clients, families & caregivers. The province introduced Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) as a new model of care that brings together health care providers to work as one team.

In December 2019, the Muskoka and Area Ontario Health Team was announced as one of the first teams in the province to implement a new model of delivering health care that better connects patients/clients and providers in their communities to improve patient/client outcomes. The cornerstone to this model is the engagement and partnership of patients/clients, families, and caregivers.

Since then, the MAOHT has been engaging people regarding health system needs and the development of a new model of integration. Sharing of lived experience and input is critical to the success of our plan to improve health system integration. Your involvement will serve as a forum for dialogue among community members and health care partners, as you advise the MAOHT on issues and perspectives.

PFCPAC members will be selected through an application and interview process that aligns to priorities of the MAOHT. Membership will evolve over time to reflect changes in MAOHT priorities and as we learn and grow.

MAOHT welcome applications from all patients/clients, family members and caregivers with diverse lived health care experience, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and encourage members from these groups to self-identify.

MAOHT encourage patients/clients, family members and caregivers who live within or are seasonal residents in the Muskoka, East Parry Sound and Almaguin Area to complete and submit an Expression of Interest for consideration of participation on the Advisory Committee. However, anyone who currently is a Board Member for a partnering provider or another health care agency applying for approval to become an OHT will not be considered due to potential conflict(s) of interest.

Through active engagement and partnership, the PFCPAC will collaboratively represent the lived experience and be the voice of patients/clients, families and caregivers in the co-design, development, implementation and evaluation of the Muskoka and Area Ontario Health Team programs and services.

Interested in participating? Call (705) 787-0846 ext. 203


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