Missing Hunter Located Safe By Bracebridge OPP


Bracebridge OPP officers were dispatched to a report of a missing hunter on Saturday October 30, 2021 at 7:40 p.m. near Galla Lake Road in Georgian Bay Township. The 21 year-old man was hunting with friends in the area and had taken some extra time to go back into the woods alone.

Bracebridge OPP officers along with the OPP Emergency Response Team (ERT) and OPP Aviation Support conducted a search of the area throughout the evening hours. The man was located during the early morning hours as he made his way out of the woods.

People are reminded to make a plan before leaving on their own and ensure that someone knows what the plan is. It is helpful to have adequate clothing and a fully charged device in the unlikely event that you become lost.


  1. Sounds to me that the man did the right thing once it got dark he stopped walking and waited until first light. It’s a scary thing being lost late in the afternoon I had it happen once just was lucky came to a place I knew just in time .


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