Minden Resident Wins $500,000 With Instant Plinko


Jennifer Smith of Minden, come on down! Jennifer lived out a ‘Price is Right’ dream at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto, dropping a chip on a real Plinko Board to win $500,000 with the new $5 INSTANT Plinko.

Jennifer, a married mother of two, said her Instant Plino ticket was a gift from her father. “He purchased tickets for the whole family because of the connection we had to the game,” she shared while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. “My husband built a Plinko board a few years ago for a Jack & Jill party game!”

The 33-year-old played her ticket and saw she had a CHIP win. “My husband and I joked, ‘Oh, Big Winner!’ When we went to the store to have it validated, everything became a blur. We were oblivious to what we won.”

An admitted ‘realist’, the marketing consultant said her dreams never included winning the lottery. “When I dropped the chip, I was unaware of what was happening – I felt like I wasn’t even breathing. When the prize amount was announced, it felt like a dream come true!”

Jennifer plans to put her winnings away for her kids’ education, as well as share with her parents. “My oldest daughter wants new bedroom furniture and my youngest said she wants a surprise,” she smiled. “My husband is a carpenter and helps others create their dream home. This win will get us much closer to our own dream home – which will be special knowing it was built by him.”

When it’s safe to gather again, Jennifer plans to celebrate her win with her loved ones. “I can’t wait to have a BBQ and canoe full of beverages!”

“My whole body is vibrating – it feels surreal. This feeling is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before,” she concluded.

The winning ticket was purchased at On the Spot Variety on Bobcaygeon Road in Minden.

Click Here to watch the video.


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