Merry Cheesemas: Anna Olson’s Three-Course Cheesy Holiday Feast

Cannoli Cheesecake (CNW Group/Tre Stelle)

Since cheese is one of the most popular ingredients served over the holidays, Chef Anna Olson prepared a three-course cheesy holiday feast for families of all ages featuring Canada’s own Tre Stelle cheese.

And since several families will be celebrating virtually again this year, they can enjoy a holiday cook-along with Anna by following this video, which demonstrates how to make all three of her cheesy dishes.  One may end up rethinking their turkey and pie!

Olson used Tre Stelle Cheese in each of her recipes as it’s made with 100% Canadian dairy giving it that unmistakable fresh taste.

To start the meal, Anna created a spicy crab dip appetizer called Feliz Navi-Crab.  This recipe features two types of Tre Stelle cheese, Mascarpone to give it that creaminess and Mozzarella to give it that melting appeal for an epic cheese-pull moment.

For Anna’s main dish, she created a ricotta pasta with butternut squash and sage called Gnocchi’n Around the Christmas Tree. Making fresh pasta is a tradition in Anna’s house as it’s a great way to bring loved ones together in the kitchen.  And thanks to the Tre Stelle Ricotta, the gnocchi puff-up to pillowy perfection.

Lastly, Olson, renowned as Canada’s baking sweetheart takes it over the finish line with her O’Cannoli Night cheesecake. Olson points out that when baking cheesecakes, it’s common for them to crack, but a ricotta cheesecake doesn’t crack.  If you love cannoli, this dessert is a must-try!

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