Jayne’s Looks Beyond Luxury Cottage Rentals in Muskoka


Since the summer of 2015, Jayne’s Luxury Rentals, has established itself as the premier
provider of full-service private cottage rentals in Muskoka. The company, which has hosted
guests from all over the world, has been featured in Travel + Leisure, The (London) Times, Blog TO, and was named by The Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies in each of the last two years.

Now approaching their ninth summer, Jayne’s is taking its esteemed Muskoka hospitality to new markets and new heights.


Introducing Jayne’s Concierge™

For years, Jayne’s has provided top-of-the line concierge offerings to their visiting guests. Now the company will be opening their Concierge desk to the wider Muskoka community, offering a comprehensive range of services, including property maintenance, housekeeping, waste removal, as well as, concierge offerings like private chefs, spa services, yoga, and car service.

These services allow cottagers to make the most of their time at the cottage while also
connecting cottagers with the best businesses and tradespeople across Muskoka. “With over 250 rentals in our Muskoka portfolio, we’ve developed a thick rolodex of connections with the best trades, retailers and services,” says Jayne. “Our concierge desk allows us to meet the needs of cottagers by connecting them with vetted professionals from here in our community.”

Jayne’s Cottages Luxury Rentals hopes this new initiative will equally help owners who may have just purchased a cottage as well as long-time Muskoka residents who are looking for reliable and seamless cottage care.

Also as part of Jayne’s ongoing efforts to drive awareness for local Muskoka businesses, there are gift baskets made available to clients with products and vouchers from over 34 local brands and establishments including Field of Greens and Beveragino.

Any retailers or service providers that wish to be included in their Sustainable Tourism Drive can contact marketing@jaynesluxuryrentals.com

Florida Expansion

Embracing new horizons, Jayne’s is expanding its reach to the vibrant state of Florida.
Recognizing the allure of warm weather and stunning coastal scenery particularly during
Muskoka’s off-season, Jayne’s will soon be offering a much larger portfolio of luxury properties in the Sunshine State. From South Florida’s east coast to its gulf coast, Jayne’s wants to make it easier for their clientele and other Canadians to find the perfect rental property in Florida with the same amenities, safety, and top-notch experience that they provide in Muskoka.

If you have a Florida property that you would like to rent, please contact

International Recognition

As Jayne’s Luxury Rentals ventures beyond borders, it has earned international recognition for its commitment to delivering world-class service and exceptional experiences. The company recently joined the ranks of one of the top global luxury vacation rental private communities, solidifying Jayne’s as a leading brand in the industry. Jayne’s hopes this partnership marks a key step in providing consumers with unique luxury vacation rental experiences in a category of their own, beyond the sea of rental properties on Airbnb and VRBO.

The company also continues to make strides in advocating for Muskoka as a world-class
destination and support tourism in the region year-round through both tourism organizations as well as travel press. Jayne’s will be hosting Travel Trade professionals from the UK, Australia and France this summer, including operators as well as media writers, and showing them all that Muskoka has to offer.

Jayne’s is looking forward to another memorable Muskoka summer. Keep an eye for all of their branded vehicles on the road and visit JaynesConcierge.com to learn more! If you are a local business who would like to partner with Jayne’s please contact

Visit https://jaynescottages.com/ for more information.

*This article is sponsored by Jayne’s Cottages Luxury Rentals & Concierge Services. 


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