Important Changes Coming Soon To Waste Collection


Change is coming to curbside waste collection in Muskoka. Starting Monday, November 7, residents throughout the District will see a new curbside waste program launched improving the commitment to the environment. These changes are necessary to reach critical diversion goals and extend the life of Muskoka’s last landfill as Ontario’s landfills reach capacity.

“Responsibly managing waste is part of our commitment to protect Muskoka’s environment”, said District Chair, John Klinck. “Our current diversion performance is poor and these changes are critical to reduce garbage and encourage all residents to think about waste when they buy products and use all options to reuse, recycle and compost before putting things in the garbage.”

What this means starting November 7, 2022 when bi-weekly winter collection resumes:

  • New garbage bag limits – curbside garbage bag limits will be reduced by one bag per dwelling on November 7, 2022.  For the green bin area, that means one bag per week or two bags bi-weekly. For those without green bin collection, two bags per week or four bags bi-weekly are permitted.
  • Expanding the curbside green bin program – additional households in Huntsville will receive green bins and curbside organics collection. Watch for bins to be delivered in the coming weeks.
  • All together now – recyclable containers and paper products can be mixed together to make recycling even easier. Materials are kept separate from garbage and sent to a modern processing facility in the GTA to be sorted.
  • Welcome aboard to GFL – green GFL trucks will be on Muskoka’s roads collecting starting in November. GFL was retained as the District’s new service provider in 2021 and is preparing to take over this important service for over 37,000 households.

Collection days are not changing. To avoid missed collection, residents are reminded to ensure materials are at on the curb by 7 a.m.

To stay updated and for more information, please see and download the Muskoka Recycles App for free from Google Play or the App Store. 


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