Huntsville Landlord Fined For Failing To Provide Alarms


The Huntsville/Lake of Bays Fire Department inspected a property on Main Street West in the Town of Huntsville on February 25, 2021 after some deficiencies were observed by fire crews.

The rental property was found to lack both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in some units.

The Landlord has since been fined under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act for failing to install a smoke alarm where required, failing to install a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm where required and failing to prepare a written record of test as required. The fines totaled $955 including surcharges.

Ontario law requires working smoke alarms on every storey of a home and outside all sleeping areas. Homes with fuel-burning appliances or an attached garage require a carbon monoxide alarm near each sleeping area. Fire Chief Rob Collins says “the fire department is committed to keeping our residents safe and has zero tolerance for missing or unmaintained alarms.”

It is the landlord’s responsibility to keep things maintained and ensure the building complies with the Ontario Fire Code. Landlords are required to test alarms annually and after every change of tenancy. Records of these tests must be maintained and kept. Tenants are required to maintain the alarms in working order and notify the landlord if an alarm becomes inoperative. Tenants may also be fined for failing to follow their obligations under the Fire Code.



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