Gravenhurst Is Investing $1M For New Hospital Sites


The Town of Gravenhurst will provide $1 million as its contribution towards two new hospital sites in Muskoka, helping to ensure continued high quality health care for residents and visitors.

The funding will support Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare’s construction of new hospital sites in Huntsville and Bracebridge.

“Access to trusted and dependable health care matters to our residents and this investment by the Town of Gravenhurst recognizes that. Building these new hospitals will benefit our community for generations to come,” Mayor Heidi Lorenz said.

On Tuesday, council approved the town’s investment in health care on the advice of chief administrative officer Scott Lucas.

Funding from the town will go towards what is known as the “Local Share” of the project cost.

The town’s contribution is subject to the following conditions:

  • Confirmation that the funds are required at the time of construction;
  • That a suitable site for Gravenhurst residents be prioritized in the site selection;
  • That every effort be made by Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare to provide urgent-care clinic services in the Town of Gravenhurst as well as walk-in clinic support;
  • That the financial commitment is not fulfilled until such time as construction is to commence – approximately 10-14 years from now.

To fund the town’s investment, council has directed staff to transfer $500,000 from the existing Tax Stabilization Reserve to a newly established Health Services Reserve Fund. Investment income associated with the fund is to be directed to the reserve as a means of reaching a total of $1 million.

“Through this investment, the town is demonstrating its commitment to improved health care in Gravenhurst and beyond,” Mayor Lorenz said. “We look forward to seeing these projects move ahead for the benefit of everyone in Muskoka.”

Quick facts:

  • The Town of Gravenhurst is earmarking $1 million towards two new hospital sites that Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare plans to build – one in Huntsville and another in Bracebridge;
  • The District of Muskoka and other area municipalities also intend to contribute to the construction of the two new hospital sites;
  • The Town of Gravenhurst has invested in health care in other ways. Recently (2020) the town concluded a 10-year pledge of $47,142 annually to the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital’s capital plan.


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