Gravenhurst Downtown Dollars Returns With A Twist


The Downtown Dollars program has returned with a new name, Gravenhurst Dollars! The program is now better than ever with the option for five and ten-dollar denominations and has extended participation outside of the downtown core. This means that restaurants and shops beyond main street can also choose to participate in the program and accept Gravenhurst Dollars.

Developed by the Town to increase economic activity and support local, the Gravenhurst Dollar program is a joint effort between the Town of Gravenhurst and the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce.

“Shopping local has been key to helping our businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. With approximately $7,500 Gravenhurst Dollars purchased each year, this is a great way to ensure that your gift is being spent right here in Gravenhurst! This program is a great way to support local businesses as we move into the holiday season,” explains Jeff Loney, Manager of Economic Development, Marketing and Tourism.

Gravenhurst Chamber executive director Sandy Lockhart is also excited about the return of the program and is anticipating a busy holiday season. “Residents and visitors should think of Gravenhurst Dollars as a unique way to support local. It’s the perfect go-to gift!”   For those looking to purchase Gravenhurst Dollars, please visit, or you can get them in person at Gravenhurst Town Office, by appointment.

The Gravenhurst Dollars program is free for participating businesses and shoppers. There are no associated costs with accepting Gravenhurst Dollars. If the face value says $10.00, a customer can spend $10.00, and the participating business will be reimbursed the full value.

Business owners who would like to opt into the program can register with the Town of Gravenhurst online at

For a full list of participating businesses or to register your business visit


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