Gravenhurst BIA’s Halloween Event Is Back This Month And It’s Going To Be Epic

HALLOWEEN 2023! “Let the Spirits Rise”

From The Gravenhurst BIA:

The Gravenhurst BIA’s signature Halloween event is back this year and it’s going to be EPIC!

When: Saturday October 28th, 2023
Where: Trinity United Church
Time: 10 AM – 2 PM

This year, the BIA portion of the day’s activities will take place in the parking lot and the auditorium (the large basement room) at Trinity United Church. A schedule is still in development for this event, however a summary of the current activities are as follows.

Trinity Parking Lot:

  • Portable Escape Room by Escape Challenge North
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Scavenger Hunt

* The Escape Room will feature an escape game that lasts for 10 minutes per group who go in. This experience is NOT for unaccompanied children and is geared toward older kids, teenagers and adults. Any young children MUST be accompanied by an adult and be under adult supervision if they are to enter the escape game.
Trinity Auditorium:

  • Decorative Pumpkin Painting
  • Slime Bin
  • Spooky Stories and Crafts with Jenn the Librarian
  • Play-dough Table by EarlyON
  • Giant Connect Four by EarlyON
  • Age Category Costume Contests with Prizes – DJ’d by Jason from Knighthawks Entertainment

BIA Businesses:

  • Trick or Treating in the Downtown
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest with Prizes

In Progress:

  • Live music for parking lot
  • More activities
  • Costume walk kick off starting at Opera House and ending at Trinity Church

Information About BIA Business Activities:

Trick or Treating in the Downtown –  if you would like to participate in Trick or Treating in the Downtown on Saturday October 28th, please have a pumpkin or other Halloween decor on display outside of your shop to signal kids and families to come in. Businesses will have to provide and hand out their own candy during the 10 am – 2 pm time frame. Trick or Treating is a great way to bring foot traffic into businesses! Although our event ends at 2 pm, feel free to hand out candy for longer if you want!

Pumpkin Carving Contest – businesses will have to purchase and carve their own pumpkins, and then bring them to Trinity the evening before, so they can be voted on the next day. The winning business will receive a prize.

* prizes will be announced shortly and will be provided by the BIA

If you or your business has an idea to make Let The Spirits Rise even more awesome and would like to create or sponsor an activity, please reach out to

Other Upcoming Events:
The Gravenhurst Chamber’s Santa Clause Parade – November 25, 2023. Please reach out to the Chamber if you have additional questions about the parade or how to get involved.
The Gravenhurst BIA’s Holiday Giveaway – November 25, 2023 – December 20, 2023. This event will take the form of a raffle, where participating businesses will have a present bag and ballots located in their stores, and shoppers will have the opportunity to fill out and submit ballots to win one of three prizes provided by the BIA. The BIA will provide the present bags and ballots to any businesses who wish to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact the BIA anytime via email or message them on Instagram or Facebook.







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