Feedback Requested From Second Home Owners In Muskoka


Muskoka’s economy can’t be fully understood without recognizing its large share of second homes.

“Second home owners make up over half of Muskoka’s households” said Arfona Zwiers, Commissioner of Community and Planning Services. “To better understand the role these homes and their residents play in our communities, we are asking second home owners to share their feedback and provide the District with vital information used to plan for Muskoka’s future”.

The Second Home Survey captures important information to inform key District initiatives such as the Growth Strategy and the Development Charges Background Study, which are scheduled to be updated in 2023-2024.  The Survey also serves to provide Muskoka District Council with information about second homeowners, their plans, and how they participate in our local economy.   

“We know Muskoka is changing. We recognize many second home residents have transitioned to become permanent residents or are making plans to do so in the future – that’s why it’s so important to understand the needs of all Muskoka’s residents. To identify their priorities and needs, we rely on the Second Home Survey to inform future plans and Muskoka District Council on how to plan for the future” said District Chair Jeff Lehman.

The Second Home Survey can be completed anywhere, anytime! 

Residents who own a second home in Muskoka are encouraged to share their voice – the Second Home Survey is open until February 27, 2023.

A link to the survey can be found online at and can be completed at any time by the second-home owner, on behalf of all who experience the second home.

Second home owners may have also received an invitation in the mail from the District with more information about the study and its purpose – it’s not too late to share your feedback.

For more information and to launch the survey, please visit


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