Calling All Cottage Country Citrus Lovers: Express Your Zest With Smirnoff Lemonades

Smirnoff's Seltzer Lemonades Variety Pack
Smirnoff's Seltzer Lemonades Variety Pack. Photo courtesy of Smirnoff

Smirnoff has launched a new line of lemonade cocktails ready to become cottage country’s favourite summer drinks, and they’re supporting Canadian artists in the process.

The company worked with artist/painter Curtia Wright, multidisciplinary visual artist Kezna Dalz, singer-songwriter Aqyila, content creator and DJ Elise Purdon, DIY experts The Sorry Girls, and fashion writer/editor and author of #TorontoMakes Randi Bergman to showcase their talents and promote creativity.

For Smirnoff’s summer drinks and their Express Your Zest campaign, the nostalgic taste of lemonade is at the heart of it all. The company has brought back their Ice Pink Lemonade, a classic crisp lemonade cocktail with a hint of berry flavour. New this year is their Ice Peach Lemonade, which offers the delectable flavour of peaches layered over a lemonade base. Another delicious option is the new Peach Lemonade Vodka

Smirnoff is also introducing a Seltzer Lemonades Variety Pack with pink, peach, blue raspberry and pineapple flavours. The drinks have natural flavouring, making for a low sugar option with just 100 calories per can. 

Whether you’re crafting cocktails at the cottage or grabbing ready-to-drink seltzers for a day of relaxation, Smirnoff has the citrus lovers of cottage country covered. The products are available nationally at select retail and liquor stores.

Photo courtesy of Smirnoff

Along with introducing their refreshing new line of drinks, the Express Your Zest campaign aims to support Canadian creators within the arts, music and entertainment industries. 

“For over two years, Canadians have been confined to the digital world, finding new and unique ways to unleash their creativity. We know creative expression is powerful, and when encouraged, it can have such a positive and lasting impact,” said Amy Smith, senior marketing manager for Smirnoff Ready-to-Drink portfolio. “With Express Your Zest, we are working with rising local makers to encourage Canadians to take the step forward and express their unique selves, with zest.”

Another new offering is Smirnoff’s Vodka & Soda Berry Blast, a refreshing combination of cherry, citrus and blue raspberry. It includes a cold-activated can that turns blue once the cocktail is chilled and ready to drink. Better yet, it has no sugar or carbs and is just 90 calories. 

To see exciting news from Smirnoff over the summer, follow @SmirnoffCA and the #ExpressYourZest campaign on Instagram. To see the products at LCBO, click here

This post is sponsored by Smirnoff.


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