Bracebridge Out Of The Cold Program Receives Funding To Keep The Success Going


The program has adapted during COVID-19.

The Bracebridge Out of the Cold Program said very excited to receive $15,000 from Second Harvest and the Government of Canada, which will ensure the continuation of free weekly take-away meals for those experiencing food insecurity in the community.

The Out of the Cold served free, nutritious sit-down meals in the winter months for up to 60 clients at several locations in Bracebridge. All in-person dining had to cease with the onset of COVID-19, but the needs of the community have only increased.

In May 2020, Bracebridge Out of the Cold reached out to their more than 40 volunteers to develop a new system of serving weekly take-away meals and fresh produce to their existing clients in a safe, socially-distanced manner. Based out of Bracebridge United Church, Bracebridge Out of the Cold has been preparing hot meals and providing produce to about 80 clients every week for the past year.

The District of Muskoka and private donors also continue to help fund the

Program and keep it going. Second Harvest and the Government of Canada provided funding which will allow Bracebridge Out of the Cold to continue this valuable service for the community.

“On behalf of our clients and volunteers, Bracebridge Out of the Cold would like to thank all agencies and private donors who have helped to get food to where it is needed” The program said in a press release.


  1. When we lived in Housing, and survived on $840/month (single mom, 3 kids under 5), for which the District took nearly half for rent, my bank account at Scotiabank was robbed by someone who impersonated me after breaking into my home and stealing my ID, Bracebridge United Church saved us. Thank you to all the kind souls who volunteered those meals and never shunned us just because we had fallen on hard times and been left out in the cold. Anonymous women cooked dinners and helped us survive several very harsh winters of being broke, repeatedly robbed and harassed. Your meals brought comfort, warmth and strength. Bless your efforts and may the community continue to give support and prayers to Rev Nancy Knox and her team. We will always be grateful for your love and support.


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