Bracebridge Just Opened The Outdoor Rinks


The Town of Bracebridge is pleased to open the outdoor skating rinks at the Winter Village at Memorial Park and Annie Williams Memorial Park for the season beginning at 4 pm on Friday, January 27. The rinks will be open daily from dawn until 9 pm. Skaters are encouraged to wear a helmet while on the ice.

Thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers for helping prepare the rinks; the Quemby family, P. Medley and Sons, Call of the Wild Inc., Correctional Services Canada, and the Sunday Night Hockey Groups.

During the skating season, the Memorial Park skating trail will be maintained by Muskoka Event Services, Correctional Services Canada and Town of Bracebridge staff.

The Annie Williams Memorial Park skating rink will be maintained by the volunteer efforts of Mark Quemby, Correctional Services Canada, Rink Rats Hockey Club, Old Wicks Hockey Club, Spare Tires Hockey Club, Arctic Cats Hockey Club, and community volunteers.

Thanks to our volunteers for your continued hard work and support.

To ensure a safe skating season:

  • Wear a helmet and dress for weather conditions,
  • Skate in the same direction as everyone else on the ice to limit potential collisions,
  • Be courteous to the other people on the ice, and
  • Have fun!

Looking for more ice time? Visit the Memorial Arena for weekly public skating. For more information and the public skating schedule, see page 15 of the Leisure Guide.


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