Anti-Vaccination Protests Planned Outside Ontario Hospitals This Week


“The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) is saddened and deeply disappointed that additional anti-vaccination protests are planned outside Ontario hospitals this week. We strongly urge those exercising their right to freedom of expression to do so peacefully, and in a manner that is respectful to the patients at those hospitals for care and the health care personnel working and performing their duties.

During protests on September 1st, some individuals taking part impeded patient access and harassed healthcare workers. The OHA supports and applauds the efforts of Ontario’s highly skilled health care workers who remain dedicated to saving the lives of people admitted to hospital with COVID-19 while making every effort to ensure ongoing access to all other non-COVID related health services.

Healthcare workers and patients receiving care should not be the target of protests. Protests and other legitimate forms of expression about policy should take place in other, more appropriate settings than a hospital. The OHA and our member hospitals will be closely monitoring the protests tomorrow. We are seeking the support of the Government of Ontario and members of the legislature to strengthen protections for hospitals while also ensuring the ongoing right to freedom of expression for the public.

We are all too aware that many people have suffered significant hardships during this pandemic. The OHA and Ontario’s hospitals are deeply grateful for the sacrifices that have been made in this crisis. While serious disagreements exist in our society, we must find ways to come together and unify as a province despite these challenges. In fact, we should be finding ways to come together because of them.”

–          Anthony Dale, President and CEO, Ontario Hospital Association


  1. I’m a none vaxxer as people like to call us. That being said I do not agree with people demonstrating around a hospital. It’s just to bad that we have to demonstrate at all but so many people want to put the blame of this so called fourth wave on us. When we are more likely to practice safe distancing and wear a mask plus try and stay away from crowds than people that have been double vaccinated and think they are safe when in reality they can still get covid and pass it on. If you look at the stats listed today 1900 tests 600 positive and 20% of those or 120 were people double vaccinated they don’t say how many only had one shot and they don’t say of the 1900 how many double vaccinated they tested they should break it down so we get the right numbers. But the reason people are demonstrating is because we are treated like second class citizens when all we want is to not be forced into putting some untested drug in our bodies.


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