Another Landlord In Muskoka Lakes Fined For Smoke Alarm Violations


A landlord of a rental property in the Township of Muskoka Lakes has been fined under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act for failing to maintain a working smoke alarm and failing to maintain inspection records.

“Landlords must have working smoke alarms installed at their properties to ensure their tenants have the early warning necessary to escape an emergency,” states Douglas Holland, Fire Prevention Officer. “Tenants must not tamper with alarms and they have a responsibility to notify the landlord if an alarm becomes inoperative.”
“It is disappointing to find rental units and landlords not complying with the Ontario Fire Code. We will continue to take a zero tolerance approach with landlords,” says Ryan Murrell, Fire Chief. “We would also like to remind everyone that the Fire Department has free smoke alarms available for residents. All you have to do is call the Muskoka Lakes Fire Department to get one.”

The Muskoka Lakes Fire Department is committed to helping building owners to achieve fire safety through compliance with the Ontario Fire Code. Building owners or occupants who have concerns regarding fire safety are asked to contact Muskoka Lakes Fire Department at 705-765-3156.

The name of the landlord was not provided.


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