Winner Of Soldiers’ 50/50 February Prize Receives $19,765

Paul and Carole Pilger of Severn look forward to another vacation with their $19,765 winnings from the February Soldiers’ 50/50.

Paul Pilger of Severn is the latest winner of the Soldiers’ 50/50 monthly draw for February and takes home $19,765!

Paul and his wife Carole were overjoyed to receive the news of their Soldiers’ 50/50 win. The couple is looking forward to more rest and relaxation in their future thanks to their winnings, “This will really help to pay for our vacation and possibly next year’s vacation as well,” said Paul. “Or we might put it towards our mortgage,” he said. All great ways to alleviate stress.

The couple love the excitement of a chance to win and the opportunity to make a difference, “We are also glad that buying these tickets helps our local hospital, Soldiers’ Memorial with its fundraising. They do a great job for the community,” said Paul

Each month, the Soldiers’ 50/50, run by the Soldiers’ Hospital Foundation helps to generate funding for areas of greatest need for the Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital.

The next raffle is now underway with a guaranteed prize pot of $5,000. This month, seven is a lucky number as each of the two early bird prizes (March 10 and March 17) have been set at $777 each. Each ticket purchase counts towards a chance at both early bird prizes and the jackpot. The Soldiers’ 50/50 is open to all residents of Ontario over the age of 18. Tickets are available online at


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