Update In Infrastructure Investments Throughout NNDSB


At its meeting Tuesday, May 10, 2022, Near North District School Board moved to accept two recommendations to award tenders for major upgrades at two schools. These are the latest investments in NNDSB buildings across the district.

The most recent awards are for $526,562 for an HVAC upgrade project at Argyle Public School in Port Loring and a $490,000 award to upgrade washrooms and PA systems at Mapleridge Public School in Powassan.

These tenders are the most recent of several investments in infrastructure in schools throughout NNDSB. This school year, with support from federal and provincial government funding, more than $20.5 million has been invested into several buildings across all areas of the board.

Board Chair Jay Aspin says, “Our board is grateful for the significant amount of federal and provincial government support to assist us in modernizing our facilities to keep our students and staff safe during these challenging times. Our firm commitment is to provide the best learning environment to promote student well-being and success in all regions of our board.”

Much of the infrastructure investment was for ventilation upgrades, and more than $6 million was provided to NNDSB following a rigid application process. NNDSB staff conducted thorough needs assessments then applied for funding to offset costs of upgrades to improve educational spaces throughout the board.

NNDSB’s Superintendent of Business Seija Van Haesendonck, says, “Through the support of the federal and provincial governments, the board has planned upgrades to ventilation systems at many schools across the region to provide enhanced air quality, in coordination with the HEPA filtration units purchased with federal and provincial funding. In addition to the COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream – Education Related Projects (CVRIS-EDU) funding received as part of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, the Board has directed Ministry of Education School Condition Improvement and School Renewal allocations to ensure the upgrades are completed, and to support other projects within our schools such as washroom upgrades.”

James Coventry, NNDSB’s manager of facilities and operations, says the board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) and the board’s core purpose – student achievement and well-being – has been helpful in guiding processes and making decisions.

Many projects have focused on ventilation systems and helping to optimize air quality of schools and supporting healthy and safe learning environments for students and staff.

Other infrastructure projects will help NNDSB provide students with a 21st century education by creating innovative learning spaces.

“NNDSB’s 2021-2026 MYSP outlines our key strategic priorities, one of which is Excellence in Innovation,” says Coventry. “Exciting upgrades in schools will allow our students to engage in future-oriented learning experiences that promote excellence in achievement and well-being. We are constructing learning commons and completing upgrades to libraries, classrooms (both indoors and outdoors), and technology shops,” he says.

“These projects will support our current programming as well as allow our students new opportunities,” adds Coventry.


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