“By-Law On Bikes” In Gravenhurst

(l-r) By-law Enforcement Officers Stephen Rowland, Josh Smith, Madison Bath

It’s a first for Gravenhurst and possibly a first for Muskoka. Municipal By-law Enforcement Officers are getting set to take to the streets on two wheels!

The Gravenhurst By-law Division is now equipped with two fully functional mountain bikes to help patrol the Town’s Park system and move through the downtown more effortlessly. “We are aiming to continually improve our customer service, heighten visibility and be more environmentally responsible,” said Kristen Ford-Bickers, Manager of By-law Services.

The pilot project modelled after a similar program in Tiny Township will support two enforcement officers on mountain bikes beginning June 1st through to Thanksgiving weekend. Municipal enforcement officers will undergo advance training through CAN-BIKE Canada. This program was designed for specific agencies such as police, EMS, security, and municipal by-law.

“Being out in the community on bicycles will allow our team to navigate quicker through high traffic, special events and areas within our parks and trails that would normally be more challenging to patrol,” said Ford-Bickers. “We want to be here for the community to help them better understand Town by-laws and answer any questions or concerns they may have.” For more information on the program, please contact the Gravenhurst By-law Division at 705-687- 3412 Ext. 2266


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