Try Out Muskoka’s New Emergency Alert System This Week

Emergency Alert System

On behalf of the Muskoka Emergency Response Committee, the Town of Bracebridge is pleased to share the information provided by the District of Muskoka on public testing of the new Voyent Alert! emergency notification system happening this week, as outlined below.

The Muskoka Emergency Response Committee (MERC) is excited to publicly test Muskoka’s new emergency alert system powered by Voyent Alert! The test will take place on Thursday, July 29th at 2pm, and will give users an example of the notification systems’ design and sound. This free community alerting notification system will make it easy for residents and communities across Muskoka to receive important information quickly during critical incidents and emergency situations.

“Voyent Alert! was launched in March of this year as Muskoka’s Emergency Management professionals identified the need for a systemic and unified approach to public emergency notifications,” shares Jeff McWilliam, Chief of Muskoka Paramedic Services & Emergency Management. “We are excited to see that subscriber numbers continue to climb, and given the increased summer population, we feel that now is the ideal time to conduct the first Voyent Alert public notification test. The test has been scheduled for Thursday July 29th at 2pm. I strongly encourage all residents and visitors of Muskoka to register!”

Not registered yet? Please be a part of the first test by downloading the Voyent Alert! App and registering today:

  • Mobile App Users: Download and install the Voyent Alert! App from the Apple or Google Play app stores.
  • Email, Phone or SMS Users: Click here to register online to receive email, phone or text- based alerts

Registration is free, easy to do, and completely anonymous. You don’t have to worry about usernames, passwords, or the protection of your personal data, and you can opt-in or out at any time.

Already registered? Thank you for signing up and the District looks forward to you being a part of the test this week.

How can you receive notifications?

  • Residents and visitors can select to receive notifications from various communication channels, including mobile apps, text/SMS alerting, email or voice calling.
  • The system will also allow you to create and track multiple locations such as “Kids School,” “Work,” “Cottage,” or “Mom’s House.” Any event or communication related to your tracked locations will be forwarded to you along your preferred communication channel(s).
  • Innovative alerting capabilities ensure that you will only get notified when communication is relevant to you or one of the tracking locations you selected.

For more information, please visit:


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