Township Of Muskoka Lakes Seeking Public Input On Dark Sky By-Law

Photo courtesy of Township of Muskoka Lakes Facebook page

The Township of Muskoka Lakes is seeking public input on the Dark Sky By-Law. The Dark Sky By-Law regulates outdoor illumination to ensure responsible lighting, light pollution mitigation and conservation of the dark sky environment. The current Dark Sky By-Law was enacted in 2014, and is imposing enforcement challenges and confusion amongst residents. As such, we are looking for the community’s input on updates to the By-Law.

“As we go through the process of updating this By-Law, it is imperative to receive feedback from the community in order to best serve those who will be impacted by the changes,” said Mayor Phil Harding. “Having an updated Dark Sky By-Law in place is another step in protecting the environment in the Township.”

Members of the public are encouraged to view the Dark Sky By-Law page on the Township’s community engagement platform, and provide your thoughts and opinions today!

Please provide your feedback by October 30, 2022.


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