The Muskoka Beer Spa Is Hiring Massage Therapists


The Muskoka Beer Spa in Torrance is building a roster of Massage Therapists, both registered and non, of full-time, part-time and casual practitioners to provide a selection of services for onsite guests.

It’s a pretty cool place with hot tubs, pool, saunas and steam rooms.

Two restaurants, a brewery, a beer garden, a lake, a beach, an epic play set and more!

On-site cabins allow up to 75 guests on property and BeerSpa, once open for day visitors will likely have significant foot traffic!

They are currently offering three types of 50-minute massages with more requests than they can accept.

Meaning they need you, your therapist peers and their peers and so on!

How it works…
Once on board you build your own schedule. Using Massagebook, you submit your days and times of availability. The software optimizes your time and clients book online and fill out intake forms in advance as well as prepaying for any services. The Beer Spa have an on staff coordinator helping to make a smooth experience for both clients and therapists.

The Perks:

  • Therapists will be compensated with 75% of the massage value. Yup. 75% So just over $100/hour. Payable twice a month by submitted invoice.
  • All team members have access to BeerSpa and it’s amenities. Meaning you can turn a half workday into a play day.
  • All team members get 50% off food and CLBCo/Muskoka BeerSpa swag. They also have some pretty great company events!!
  • There is a great benefit package for full time team members!

Anyone that is interested in encouraged to e-mail and start a conversation!

This post is sponsored by The Muskoka Beer Spa.


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