Team Canada Sets World Record Behind Voltari Electric Boat In Muskoka

World's First Human Pyramid Behind An Electric Boat (CNW Group/Voltari Marine Electric Inc)

Canada’s National Waterski Show Team brought the skills. Voltari brought the power. The combination was electric.

On Lake Muskoka in Ontario, the Canadian National Waterski Show Team executed the first waterskiing pyramid done behind an electric powerboat, provided by Canadian manufacturer Voltari.

For the waterskiing team, it was the latest capstone in a multi-decade tradition. “It’s incredible to be the first,” said team captain Geordie Newlands. “You always want to be the first. It’s so amazing to see the evolution of EV technology and all of our passion for the sport come together in this way and we were proud to be part of it.” The team members, who compete for Canada in events worldwide, whooped and waved as they carried out their showpiece maneuvers behind the boat.

For Voltari, “it was a chance to showcase the power of our new 260 model, which handled the eight-skier load beautifully,” says CEO Cam Heaps. “We loved the combination of Canadian tech and Canadian athletic talent – it was an exhilarating moment.”

It was also a full-circle moment for Voltari’s Chief Technology Officer, Bruno Tellier. The company’s breakthrough in marine EV started when Tellier bet a friend that he could engineer an electric boat with enough speed and power to waterski behind. It wasn’t a simple ask – heavy batteries and the constant drag of the water mean that automotive EV technology can’t meet the demands of propelling a boat. Industry attempts at electric recreational boats had so far been underpowered and disappointing.

Voltari had to start from scratch, developing optimal hull and battery designs, new carbon fibre materials and power train systems. The result is a craft that’s designed from the hull up to be fully electric. And for waterskiers, it’s a game-changer.

“It’s so powerful – it pulled us all off the dock with such ease,” recalls Newlands. “We breathe a lot of exhaust behind the boats and there was none of that at all. And it’s so quiet – makes for easy communication between the driver, the spotter and the skiers. It was a totally different experience and we loved it.”

Both teams have plans to put Canada on the world stage in months to come; the Waterski Show Team at the upcoming world championships in Australia, and Voltari in a global marine market that’s hungry for zero-emission, low-maintenance EV watercraft. But one warm afternoon in September, there was time for some fun… and a world’s first.

About the Canadian National Waterskiing Show Team: 
See the team’s Facebook page for current information and contacts.


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