Stay Clear, Stay Safe This Canada Day Long Weekend

Caribou Falls Generating Station (CNW Group/Ontario Power Generation Inc.)

If you plan on celebrating the long weekend on or around the province’s beautiful lakes and rivers, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is urging caution.

Ontario Water levels and flows near hydro stations and dams may look safe, but they can change into rapidly flowing waters with dangerous currents. Please obey warning signs, maintain distance from booms, buoys, and barriers marking the danger zone, and stay clear to stay safe.

For more information about water safety, please visit:

Quick facts
  • OPG operates 66 hydroelectric stations and 240 dams on 24 Ontario river systems.
  • Despite continued warnings, some people disregard our signs and barriers, putting themselves and first responders at risk.
  • OPG works with Ontario Provincial Police to enforce these warnings, including laying charges.

“While you are enjoying this Canada Day long weekend, please make sure you are practicing water safety,” said Paul Seguin, OPG SVP, Renewable Generation. “Always remember conditions can change within seconds. Water levels can rise, become turbulent and create a life-threatening situation.”

“Summer fun can turn tragic if you choose to ignore signs and barriers around hydroelectric dams. Trespassing in these areas could result in charges and fines, but worse, endangers you and the first responders who could be called upon to save you,” said OPP Media Relations & Community Services Coordinator, Sergeant Jason Folz. “As you enjoy this holiday weekend, please keep water safety top of mind.”


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