Southern Georgian Bay OPP Provide Update On Recent Traffic Violations

Graphic courtesy of Southern Georgian Bay OPP, Operation Lookout Arrive Alive Call 911
Graphic courtesy of Southern Georgian Bay OPP

During the months of May and June, uniform officers from the Southern Georgian Bay detachment of the OPP have responded to public complaints of motorists and commercial vehicles speeding and other related traffic violations on area roadways. Calls to the OPP Communications Centre and through the OPP Online Reporting have been recorded and acted upon as follows:

  • Officers investigated 147 reported collisions with the highest frequency being on Wednesdays.
  • Officers attended 55 complaint areas and issued 957 tickets and warned 41 drivers for their driving infractions.
  • Officers conducted R.I.D.E. check stops at 22 various locations, checking 730 vehicles for signs of impairment.
  • 15 Persons were charged with impaired driving after investigation with the greatest incidence of this offence occurring on Sundays.
  • Four drivers were charged for a stunt driving offence – exceeding the posted speeds limits as follows with the introduction of the Moving Ontario More Safety Act, also known as the MOMS Act to increase road safety.

The first change is an increase in the previous seven-day vehicle impoundment period to 14 days.

The second change is the introduction of a lower speed threshold for street racing offenders on municipal roads. On roads with a posted speed limit of less than 80 km/h, drivers caught traveling 40 km/h over the speed limit face racing/stunt driving charges (the previous limit was 50 km/h over the speed limit).

Click here for information on licence suspensions and further for information on Speeding and Aggressive Driving risks and penalties.

Educating the public about safe driving practices with our community safety partners is a priority. If you see a possible impaired driver or operator, please “Make the Call” and dial 911 to help prevent a crash. If you are heading out on the town, please make a plan to get home safely. Drive sober and arrive alive.


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