Soldiers’ 50/50 Winner Collects $16,712 Grand Prize!

Soldiers’ Grand Prize winners Elgin and Caroline Evans pose with their cheque for $16,712.

Elgin and Caroline Evans of Severn are the winners of the Soldiers’ 50/50 grand prize draw for October, taking home $16,712!

“You don’t know what you just did for us,” were the first words out of Elgin’s mouth when he found out he and his wife had won the Soldiers’ grand prize for October. “We have to get some work done on the house that we couldn’t afford, and now we can do it.”

Caroline and Elgin have been married for 61 years and their lottery purchases are generally a mutual decision. This time, however, Caroline gets credit for making the decision that led to them being grand prize winners.

“We were driving by and I said ‘Why don’t you go in and buy tickets?”, explained Caroline. “I told him to get the $75 bundle this time.”

“We’ve both been in the hospital for different things, and we were really happy with the hospital.” Elgin explained when asked why they chose to support the Soldiers’ 50/50 raffle. “We found some really nice people here, and the hospital was great with us.”

The November Soldiers’ 50/50 raffle is already underway. With a winner every week, there are plenty of chances to win big. The first early bird draw is this Thursday, November 3rd, and is for $500 cash.

Soldiers’ 50/50 raffle is managed by the Soldiers’ Foundation and works to generate funding for areas of emerging need within Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital.

The next Soldiers’ 50/50 Grand Prize draw is November 25th, and Early Bird draws are set for November 3rd 10th, and 17th. With a guaranteed pot of $5,000 and ticket bundles starting at just $10, it’s a fun way to support your local hospital gives you the chance to win every week.

To learn more about the new Soldiers’ 50/50 and how you can win big every week, visit


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