Snow And Ice Hit Our Vehicle And Bracebridge OPP Charged Us


On Friday January 24, 2020 at around 10 a.m. a Muskoka411 vehicle was driving on Highway 11 in the northbound lanes in the Washago area when a Rav 4 SUV pulled in front at un-safe distance between the vehicle in front and the Muskoka411 vehicle. Snow and Ice flew off the roof of the Rav 4 SUV hitting the wind-shield of the Muskoka411 vehicle causing a visual distraction and forcing the driver to pull back for safety reasons.

The driver of the Rav-4 SUV was asked to pull over in a polite and professional manner after the incident to check for damage and exchange information.  The driver ignored the request to pull over and kept driving. The driver of the Rav-4 SUB called the OPP communication centre to report a driving complaint. Bracebridge OPP located both vehicles on Hwy 11 northbound at Manson Lane to discuss the incident . As a result of the collision, the driver of the Muskoka411 vehicle has been charged by Bracebridge OPP with careless driving.

Road rage or anger was never a factor in this incident.

Please clear the snow and ice from your vehicle before driving so this does not happen. This incident was 100 pre cent preventable.

Muskoka411 is always committed to sharing the road and promoting road safety so we all can get to where we are go safe and arrive alive.

The law says: Every driver involved in a collision must stay at the scene or return to it immediately and give all possible assistance. If you are not personally involved in a collision, you should stop to offer help if police or other officials have not arrived.

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  1. Snow and ice flying off vehicles is a dangerous occurrence! Everyone is alright we take it! The attempt to pull or get the Rav 4 driver to pull over was made how! Did you endanger the Rav 4 driver in anyway! Maybe why you where charged! Just saying! Safe day to all!

  2. I don’t believe the Muskoka411 car did wrong, all the did was tried to ask the Rav4 to pull over, shame on the cop for charging the wrong people, clean your car off so no damage is done, the driver of the Rav4 should have cleaned his car off so his car wasn’t a moving weapon, they should have been charged with driving an unsafe vehicle because of not cleaning their car off.

  3. Case in point, a driver traveling on Hwy 17 had the same thing happen to him, a chunk of ice flew off someone’s vehicle, came barrelling at him, smashed his windshield, and hit him in the head, the Rav4 so needed to be charged instead of Muskoka411, for dangerous driving, just a despicable act on the cop’s part, you don’t charge the victim, but the perpetrator. I so Muskoka411 takes this to court,and the cop shamed for charging the victim, with careless driving I might add. Despicable. :(((


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