Shelburne Resident Left Shaking And In Shock


Shortly after noon on Wednesday January 22nd, Shelburne Police investigated an incident where snow and ice flew off the roof of a van and crashed through the windshield of a pick truck behind it – not only damaging the pick-up, but causing minor injuries to the driver.

When the police officer investigated, he found the driver of the pick-up still shaking from the shock of the ice and snow striking his windshield.  “The windshield was completely destroyed; even some snow and ice went right through the windshield.  The driver, who was the only occupant of the truck was sprayed with small pieces of glass, ice and snow; causing some minor cuts to his face and hands”, stated Sgt. Paul Neumann.

“Clear all snow and ice from your vehicle before heading on the roadways.  It is an extreme hazard to other vehicles and pedestrians you are sharing the roads with”, states Neumann.


  1. Telling and asking people to clean off their vehicle is obviously not working as evidenced by incidents like this and the many others that have made the news recently. Enforcement is the solution. I drive professionally around Bracebridge every day and I would estimate that 50 % of the vehicles I pass within the first day after a snowfall are inadequately cleaned off. If police were to target these vehicles perhaps people would get the message.


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