Salvation Army Calls For Back-To-School Donations


In 2022 The Salvation Army in the HRM saw demand for school supplies double as over 800 children throughout the HRM received back-to-school support, but with the costs of both school supplies and everyday living remaining high, The Salvation Army is preparing for another increase in demand for back-to-school support.

“As families face heightened financial pressure, the need for back-to-school support takes on even greater significance,” says Major Jennifer Hale, Executive Director of The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope. “Every child deserves access to quality education, and it is The Salvation Army’s mission to ensure they get it.”

Parents often spend a minimum of $100 on back-to-school provisions per child. This includes backpacks, clothing, shoes, school supplies and more, but for many families these additional costs simply are not feasible, and some children are left with no choice but to go without for the school season.

“For some families, the extra expense of the back-to-school season means having to decide between putting food on the table or giving their children the tools they need to succeed in school.” Says Major Mark Hall, leader of The Salvation Army in Halifax West.

As part of The Salvation Army’s national back-to-school campaign, Salvation Army branches located throughout Halifax are collecting school supplies and backpack donations to distribute to families in need. Unfortunately, the increased demand means the current level of back-to-school donations will not be enough as things stand.

“Already we have over 500 children registered for back-to-school support, and historically we always see a last-minute surge in numbers as the school season approached,” says Captain Brent Haas, leader of The Salvation Army in Bedford, Sackville and Dartmouth. “We are working with community partners to do all we can, but in the face of the demand we are seeing, we need the HRM community to step up to the plate too.”

Please donate today by dropping off school supplies at your nearest Salvation Army location.


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