Resolv’d Is A New Mediation, Arbitration And Workplace Investigations Business


The official launch of a new business, Resolv’d Inc., was held at the Sandbox Centre on Thursday September 7th.

Resolv’d is a new mediation, arbitration and workplace investigations company, based in Barrie and providing services across Ontario.

“Our roster of experienced mediators, arbitrators and investigators is impressive, and we are all here to do the same thing – provide swift, sustainable solutions.  Whether it’s a family law matter, an estate dispute, a commercial disagreement or negotiation, or a workplace complaint, Resolv’d can provide a fast and efficient way to get the resolution the parties want, without the time and expense of court battles or protracted negotiations,” said Tom Dart, an experienced family law lawyer turned arbitrator/mediator.

Josh Valler, an employment law lawyer and investigator agreed, “We are all very proud to offer these services in the hopes that more people have access to justice and get results, at a time where court wait times are at an all-time high, and the fair resolution of employee complaints is integral to business growth and success.  In terms of employment investigations, we offer a way for employees and employers to have a timely, independent investigation and recommendations on resolution of employee issues, so business owners can concentrate on the business.”

“People want a timely resolution to a dispute or issue but courts are backlogged and litigation is intimidating and expensive. Many people want to participate in a dialogue, feel heard, and be part of a final solution, which then ends up being more readily accepted by both sides.  Having a neutral, experienced third party lead parties through a mediation or conduct a workplace investigation, can provide insight, comfort and acceptance,” said Tom Dart.

For more information on Resolv’d visit their website at or call 705-730-9667.

*This Article Is Sponsored By Resolv’d


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