Rally At Bracebridge Town Council Tonight On Fowler Mega Quarry Proposal


Submitted Press Release By: The Muskoka Environmental Alliance

The Muskoka Environmental Alliance (MEA), headed by local property owner Laura Pratt, has called on local residents to attend a protest rally preceding the Town Council meeting at 6:00PM on Wednesday October 12, 2022 at the Town Council Chambers – 1000 Taylor Road, Bracebridge.

The protest will be in opposition to Fowler Construction Company’s push for a new Zoning By-law for Childs Pit. Local residents have formed the MEA to fight the rezoning proposal which will double the allowed Quarry size to 900 acres.

Ms. Pratt said, “this Mega Quarry zoning application will alter the Muskoka environment for decades to come. It’s only days before a municipal election, and this Council knows it needs to step back and address the disastrous environmental consequences of this proposal. Muskoka residents have not been properly consulted.” She added, “This is now a major municipal election issue, pitting Mega Quarry opponent Michael Opara running against Mega Quarry advocate, appointed Mayor Rick Maloney, for Mayor of Bracebridge.”

The residents are concerned about the environmental impact of the increased Mega Quarry output on the neighboring community and the urban centre.  This impact includes:

  • Dramatic increase in large truck traffic to 600 truck trips a day on local Town roads including the Bonnie Lake Road and Highway 117,
  • 24 hours per operation including blasting in a residential neighborhood,
  • Damage to wildlife, 40 acres of wetlands, water wells and Town’s air and water, diesel soot, carcinogenic silica dust, and explosive residue,
  • Potential contamination of up to 9.2 m liters of water extracted daily from the Muskoka River

The Muskoka Environmental Alliance acknowledges that Mr. Opara has stated , “We need a Mayor who is willing to stand up for our beautiful Muskoka environment, and not beholden to corporate, profit-driven interests, especially since Fowler Construction is controlled by a South Ontario company.”


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